Uncontrolled South African Airways (SAA) Exit will Affect Economic Growth

According to the Airlines Association of South Africa (AASA), there will be a negative impact on economic growth due to an uncontrolled South African national carrier SAA exit.

Recently, the board of directors of South African Airways talked with the shareholder of government. The board declared that the issue would be resolved if the company is taken to the business rescue and get a solution to the financial challenges they are facing.

This solution by the board will help in providing more security and clarity in South Africa’s air transport, logistics, trade, travel and tourism sectors, and AASA. The members of AASA are included in the domestic airlines of the country. Many airlines of AASA are in the South African Development Community region and the Indian Ocean islands.

It is reported that the AASA will not reply to the business of SAA or the decision of the shareholder. But, it is necessary to consider them in the industry, and other broad socio-economic contexts subsist by the sector. In Africa, the domestic air transport of South Africa is very important and robust in competition. It is beneficial for economic growth by providing safe, affordable, choice, and reliable connectivity to the markets and destinations across the country by reducing the travel cost and doing the business.

It is a tensed situation for the AASA, its members, customers as well as for the government of Africa. It is essential to look for ways to maintain everything. It is a warning that there will be a complete impact of uncontrolled SAA exit against the air transport and tourism industries. These industries will be unable to apply contingency plans, and economic growth will be slowed down or become negative.

It is reported that the business rescue should offer the aviation and allied industries to their customers, communities, and markets. These services are provided to convince them that they are providing sustainable, reliable, and safe services.

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