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Sarah Lavallee

Sarah Lavallee is an MBA with Finance and has years of experience in news publication industry. She is passionate for finance industry research and business reporting. She recently joined our team as Sub Editor. Currently, she contributes analysis pieces and latest happenings of finance industry. She can be contacted via email: sarah@financesecond.com

Brian Stanley

Brian Stanley has 15 years of experience in business and finance in the United States. He has worked with frontline daily news publications. He has also worked with investment firms. Currently, he is working with us as a Content Editor and contributes posts regarding stocks, index funds, and financial planning. For any queries mail him at brian@financesecond.com

Katherine Miller

Katherine Miller is a post-graduate in language & literature with years of experience in news writing for the finance and business industry. Before joining our team, she has been working as a freelance news writer for foremost publications for almost 5 years. For more queries, mail her at katherine@financesecond.com

Teresa Taylor

Teresa Taylor is an MBA with finance specialization and has more than five years of experience in financial analysis and writing. She has joined our team last year as a news editor. She regularly contributes to the latest happenings of the stock market and finance industry. Contact her via mail:   teresa@financesecond.com

Norma Stanley

Norma Stanley has recently joined our team as a business reporter. She regularly contributes news pieces regarding the stock market, mutual funds, business and much more. She is an avid trader of forex. Before joining our team she has worked as a journalist in foremost newspapers. Her contact mail id is norma@financesecond.com

Evan Vaughn

Evan Vaughn holds a graduate degree in journalism and mass communication. He has worked with frontline news media companies before joining our team. He now covers markets and keeps a close eye on IPOs. He also contributes technical analysis pieces. For any further queries mail him at  evan@financesecond.com

Adrian Todaro

Adrian Todaro has more than 10 years of experience as a business journalist having previously covered retail/consumer goods, industrials and agribusiness. He recently joined our team as a news editor for business and financial news stories. In his free time, he loves to trade in forex and do some analysis on large-cap funds. He can be reached out via mail:  adrian@financesecond.com