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SpaceChain Has Launched Its Third Cryptocurrency Wallet Node Into Space

The world’s leading open-source blockchain satellite network, SpaceChain, has released its third cryptocurrency wallet node into space. SpaceChain aims to build a blockchain-based network in space. It is a significant and ambitious project compared to other projects.

SpaceChain wants to develop a cryptocurrency wallet in space with the aim of no physical attack or control over it. It is the safest digital currency wallet in existence. The company has already launched its two rockets in China, which has holding parts of the wallet and network. Now, it is launching the third one from outside of the United States in Florida.

During the rocket launch, the CEO of SpaceChain, Zee Zheng, said that the company had put all its resources into this project. He declared that there is a much difference between the third one and the other two rockets that they have already launched. He forced his team to build a unique design to fulfill their needs and requirements.

NASA will get involved in this project after some time. The space program asked SpaceChain to ensure that their hardware must be fit and attached to the International Space Station (ISS). It will take a long time to release the idea of SpaceChain for use.

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