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Immediate Edge Review – How Legit is This App?

Are you wondering whether the Immediate Edge App is legit or a scam? Now is the time to sit back and relax because we have got it all covered for you! With our in-depth analysis of the Immediate Edge platform, we have prepared a guide to let you make an informed decision.

We calculate the app’s reliability, whether it is legit or a scam, by fact-checking the information on its site. Immediate Edge depends on advanced technologies to conduct trading research and execution on its own. No technical skills are required to use this app.

Hence, we will further take the benefit of this article to educate you about this fully automated and cryptocurrency trading platform. So, if you are keen to know the most beneficial details about this amazing software, keep reading and start trading.

Immediate Edge Review - Overview

Immediate Edge Reviews – Overview of Platform

Is Immediate Edge Legit or Scam?

Immediate Edge is a legit trading robot and not a scam! We found it to be an amazing trading platform to earn from crypto trading. According to our experience, Immediate Edge has a success rate of 85% and above. For every 1000 trades made, you will succeed in 850 for sure. The robot can generate profits for professionals & inexperienced users and boost the latter community’s confidence. It is a legit cryptocurrency trading platform that allows you to make not only a one-time profit but also passive earnings. The idea seems fascinating as this app gives an option to earn passively, regardless of its audiences’ busy jobs. The underlying market index proves that investors in the cryptocurrency market will continue to earn for ages ahead as there are no changes expected in the portfolio for index funds, there’s a lot of money that can be made from cryptocurrency trading.

Also, needless elaborations on processes, such as stock picking, active management, or monitoring trade assets, are few additional benefits.

What Is an Immediate Edge?

Immediate Edge App is an independent trading robot that claims to make money online by betting on crypto prices. Immediate Edge software claims to have a win rate of up to 98.9%. It is simple & easy to use as it can be work on Windows PC, MAC, Android, IOS, and more. Immediate Edge Bot scans the whole cryptocurrency market and finds the best trading deal for you. But People misjudge it as a scam, but it is considered the best platform for beginners with its less risky and more profitable trading tactics. Immediate Edge App runs on its own, meaning that all you need to do is switch it on. You need less than 20 minutes every day to switch on the bot and start trading and making money. This also affirms that you need not give up your day job or burn the midnight oil to trade with this bot. It is simple, handy, and can be easily managed amid one’s day-to-day chores.

Immediate Edge Review - Benefits

Immediate Edge Review – Benefits

However, every pro comes with a con, and likewise, when making margin trades on the Immediate Edge system, it is possible to lose money. It is, therefore, better to avoid trading with money that you cannot afford to lose. To refrain from trading at a higher risk, you can change the risk settings as instructed in the bot’s user manual.

The robots carry out all the tasks within this trading robot platform as part of its automated trading system. It builds a situation that justifies being prepared for the opportunity.

Years ago, trading was done manually by trained experts because of the trade’s complexity, and its knowledge and experience were limited to them. But now, with trading platforms, such as Immediate Edge, there is a special algorithm that enhances the function of the trading robots, which makes the crypto-market open for everyone interested in making daily profits. We also found that the crypto platform’s trading robots perform transactions twice as fast as the regular manual trading processes. This is how the system makes it possible to find and finish the best trading deals for the investors.

It is a platform for trading crypto and foreign exchange. Binary options are also a way to go with this bot. Many people question Immediate Edge’s authenticity; however, Immediate Edge is also full of stories where inexperienced people have successfully made huge profits.

Creator Of The Immediate Edge – Edwin James

Edwin James, the pioneer of Immediate Edge, is a software engineer who made tons of money with crypto binary options & forex trading mechanisms manually.  His urge and desire to earn more with the use of technology led to Immediate Edge’s invention. According to him, his shared strategies are a treasure for professionals and newcomers. Further, he claims that hundreds of investors testify his investment strategies by enrolling in Immediate Edge and earning profits.

How Does Immediate Edge App Work?

The Immediate Edge app’s operating process looks similar to great auto trading systems such as Cryptosoft and Bitcoin Loophole. While reviewing Immediate Edge, we found that the speed of these crypto deals and transactions is incredible. Surprisingly, the deal would be done within seconds. Here is how the trading robot system works.

Market rate detection comes with great accuracy or with an intelligent algorithm. At Immediate Edge, the trading robots inspect the market rate to find the prime crypto-prices to sell or purchase. Whenever good deals are found, these trading bots enable the system to buy cryptocurrencies at a low price and sell them at a high price. Hence, the deal is done!

Immediate Edge also claims about its algorithms being ten times faster than manual trading. Thus, adding a cherry on the cake.

Immediate Edge Review - Registration

Immediate Edge Review – Registration

In short, it is impressive, regulated, and fast. To understand better, let us take a familiar example. Before the introduction of mobile technology, the human hand was the tool for every task. To call someone, you had to go in the call menu, insert the number and then make a call. But now, with the origination of features like Siri/ Google Assistant, the hassle-filled search and insertion of numbers have come to an end. These assistants type numbers and make calls without user input. The need for dialing numbers or searching for names in contacts has reached a finale.

The same is the case with Immediate Edge. Here, you can earn profits by clicking on a button that activates the trading robot. Hence, this is how the app justifies the self-claimed statement, ‘make an account and earn on minimum investment.’

Immediate Edge Mobile App is supported by advanced tech in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Machine Learning (ML). The ML technology enables the algorithm to improve itself by learning from data patterns. The mobile app operates together with several robot brokers and directs to receive deposits, facilitate transactions, execute orders from the robot, and provide leverage.

Immediate Edge Review - Profitable Trades

Immediate Edge Review – Profitable Trades

Key Features Of Immediate Edge

Being the most profitable bot on our list, the Immediate Edge platform packs some great features. Let us go through the below-mentioned features:

High Returns

There is a statement made by investors on Edge’s website saying, ‘one can earn up to $2200 a day.’ The platform also claims to have reported a profit of up to 100 percent. This means a trading account with a deposit of $250 can make up to $200 profit per day. Therefore, it is worth noting that the more you deposit, the higher is the earning probability with the Immediate Edge app. However, we recommend you start with $250 and increase the size of your immediate edge account simultaneously.

Effortless Sign-Up

Besides, the bot has an immediate verification system. You can create an account using minimum details. Of course, card details are required to make a deposit, but apart from that, no other information, IDS, or bank details are needed.

Boon to Newbies

Immediate Edge is such an automated app that no proficiency is needed to use it. We would recommend Edge to anyone and everyone, even to people with no trading background. As per the testimonials and Immediate Edge review, it is a single button task, and 20 minutes of sincere sitting, that leads to large and visible profits.

Immediate Edge Review - Testimonials

Immediate Edge Review – Testimonials

Less is More

For deposits and withdrawals, the Edge takes the least possible time and no withdrawal fees. Primarily, the process involves filling up a request form for withdrawals. Eventually, it takes less than two working days for the funds to reflect in the trader’s bank account. To your surprise, Edge’s income depends on your profits. They go empty-handed if you fail to make a profit.

No Additional Charges

Lastly, talking about the most craved Immediate Edge feature, there’s no registration fee and no hidden charges. Brokers will never ask you for extra charges or commissions to increase your cost. That being so, it is a free app.

Earning more comes from knowing enough to earn. So before taking a deep dive, let’s understand the working of the Immediate Edge app.

How to Open an Account on Immediate Edge?

Opening an account with Immediate Edge is easy. The process takes less than ten minutes. Edge’s simplified account registration process is quite impressive.

Please note, Immediate Edge is only available in the countries where its partner brokers are regulated. Here’s how to sign up on Immediate Edge-

Immediate Edge Review - Open An Account

Immediate Edge Review – Open An Account

Account Registration

To create an account, all you need is the knowledge of a few necessary details. Mostly, just an email address is good to go.

On Immediate Edge, the account creation process is visibly fast and transparent as it only requires a username, email address, and phone number. After entering this information, the Immediate Edge platform verifies its user details by sending a mail to the mentioned email address, and that’s it. You are signed in to the Immediate Edge app. It hardly takes a minute to sign up.

Depositing a Minimum Amount

Walking in with an ideology of ‘less is more’ always works. Making the lowest deposit of around $250 is a smart choice initially. Decide the amount and open the deposit page, select the preferred payment option, and enter the bank card details.

After that, the money gets transferred to the Immediate Edge account. And after making a deposit, the system gives access to the live Immediate Edge app.

Nevertheless, there are many payment modes in Immediate Edge that can be used to transfer money, such as MasterCard, Bank Transfer, Skrill, or PayPal.

Demo Trading & Live Trading

Luckily at Immediate Edge, investors have an option to experiment with demo trading features before in-depth exploration. It is a free trading tool used to review, study, and understand how live trading in Immediate Edge works. Investors should give it a try.

For starters, live trading begins at a click of the button. The trading process and consistency in revenue generation at Immediate Edge is impressive.

Concluding on the Immediate Edge review, try trading for a minimum of 8 hours a day to build wealth. Make sure to trade only when the US markets are live.

Advantages Of Trading With Immediate Edge

It’s wise to invest with Immediate Edge as it neither has any lows nor any loss. Mentioned below are a few out of many advantages of Edge:

  • Firstly, Immediate Edge is a user-friendly platform. None of the investors have to be a pro while running it. In terms of cryptocurrency trading, it behaves exactly as per the requirements of a newbie and an experienced trader.
  • Secondly, Edge has the highest claimed and proven success rate. After each live trading session, the chances of making a profit are visibly high.
  • Next has to be well built online security. There are no recorded complaints about deposited funds or even about the confidentiality of any account to date.
  • Then comes the feature of depositing an initial amount as per one’s state of affairs. It demands a minimum initial deposit that can be increased with time as per user’s choice and need.
  • Lastly, online customer support at Immediate Edge is responsive, efficient, and fast. The customer care service is at your door, 24×7. You can request assistance from them anytime round the clock.

Immediate Edge Review - Advantages

Immediate Edge Review – Advantages

Overall, it is a safe trading platform that offers online security, a simple and intuitive user-interface, consistent passive income, a fast withdrawal system, and no hidden charges. Therefore, it is not a scam. We would highly recommend Immediate Edge to our readers.

Our Final Word on Immediate Edge App

We found ample users claiming Immediate Edge to be 100% legit app. We think it is the best thing that can happen to investors as it is not a scam! Features of Immediate Edge bot are outstanding but not risk-free. Gamble and venture are part and parcel of every online trading app, better informed than ignorant.

The Immediate Edge trades on margin, meaning trading accounts can easily blow off. Therefore, we recommend you earn and learn step by step by investing a minimum amount initially. The amount can be as small as $250. With minimum investments, in the beginning, you can earn profits without the fear of losing.

Being said that, everyone can make money with Immediate Edge through regular trading and low initial investments. In any case, the customer support system of Immediate Edge is available 24/7 to help you. And in case you request withdrawals, so withdrawals are processed in less than two working days. Also, online security at Immediate Edge is grand; it beats market risks. For that reason, every investor who trades with Immediate Edge will have a good experience and significant Immediate Edge review.

Break free financially with Immediate Edge, and start trading!


Whenever traders invest in something new to them, it becomes essential to know if the specific app is safe or not. And it is also crucial to understand the profit-generating proportions of the app. To end our readers’ uncertainty, we have managed to answer below a few out of many frequently asked questions by traders and investors. This information should help you in taking a step forward.

1. Is Immediate Edge free?
Yes, there is no registration fee. You can create an account on the platform for free.

2. Is it legit or a scam?
Yes, according to our review, Immediate Edge is legit and not a scam.

3. What’s the minimum amount for trading?
You can use Immediate Edge by starting with the minimum deposit of $250. It can eventually increase the deposit amount once you get a hold on it. Within just 24 hours, if you change your mind, you can reinvest your profits for growth without getting trapped in a scam.

4. Can I continue my full-time job while using Immediate Edge?
Yes, you can use Immediate Edge along with other work. The auto trading system is fully independent. All you need to do is click on the live trading feature, and the platform itself does all the work for you.

5. Does Immediate Edge have a mobile App?
No. The automated trading platform can be operated through web browsers on a computer or any device linked to the internet.

6. How reliable is the withdrawal system?
The payout system process is initiated after a trading session. A withdrawal request takes only 24 hours to complete. Also, your funds get converted to your local currency and transferred to your bank account.

7. Can I withdraw from Immediate Edge?
Yes, all you need to do is make a request by filling a form at the customer service page. Later, within 24 hours, you could receive your funds.

8. How much can I generate daily with Immediate Edge?
Immediate Edge claims to make its investors earn hundreds of dollars of profit daily from a deposit of $250. However, your earning depends on the deposit you make. A high deposit will yield more profits.