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Bitcoin Profit Review: The Complete Guide

The widespread adaptation of Bitcoin into the mainstream is paving the way for numerous possibilities. As the preferred currency for online transactions has increased both value and potential of bitcoins as that of fiat currencies. And, this rising popularity, has made Bitcoin trading one of the means of making money similar to Forex.

Compared to Forex, bitcoins and the other types of cryptocurrencies are one of the most liquid and highly volatile digital assets. In fact, cryptocurrencies are an asset class in itself similar to stocks, CFDs, and other commodities. Bitcoin traders thus can make money by buying and selling bitcoins at the right time, which is yet again similar to the stock market. Bitcoins offer user anonymity, enhanced safety, and security as they are powered by powerful blockchain technology. 

Introduction to Bitcoin Profit

Unlike Bitcoin mining, which is a rare event with a negligible success rate, anyone can become a Bitcoin trader.  Unlike Bitcoin mining, Bitcoin trading gives faster results enabling traders to make money on an everyday basis. Bitcoin Profit is an automated Bitcoin trading platform, which makes cryptocurrency trading easy while saving both time and effort.

In a considerably short period, automated trading platforms have garnered quite the popularity. And, this is because anyone including newcomers or beginners can carry out hassle-free lucrative trades. In this Bitcoin Profit review, we will first understand what makes bitcoins an actively traded cryptocurrency. Then, we will determine the differences between automated and traditional trading. And, most importantly, we will enlist the salient features of Bitcoin Profit based on our findings. 

Bitcoin Profit Review: Salient Features

Also known as the Bitcoin Profit trading system, Bitcoin Profit Is a crypto trading robot, which also supports other cryptocurrencies other than bitcoins like Ethereum, and other Altcoins. Real-time decision-making is crucial for executing profitable trades in trading processes. According to the Bitcoin Profit team, their trading robots have a 0.01 seconds time leap advantage. Thus, Bitcoin Profit trading robots can accurately forestall the shifts in the markets and the price movements. Moreover, Bitcoin Profit auto trading bitcoin robots can perform in-depth cryptocurrency market analysis enabling 99% profitability.

Bitcoin Profit - Overview

Bitcoin Profit Review – Overview of Platform

Based on our findings regarding the Bitcoin Profit review, the trading system has both automated and manual trading options. The automated mode is considered to be ideal for both beginners and advanced traders. On the contrary, manual mode requires intensive analysis and market trends research, making it suitable for more experienced traders. 

Choosing complete automation takes away the psychological stress associated with trading as the trading robot operates with a clear-cut vision of achieving profits. As per many Bitcoin reviews, auto trading systems like Bitcoin Profit are ideal for testing a new trading strategy, or novel trading techniques before implementing them, and also for backtesting these strategies. 

Coming back to the BTC Profit review, let us understand the key elements or salient features of this auto trading system. 

Bitcoin Profit Official Website

Automated crypto trading system Bitcoin Profit is a trading software most suited for automated trading. As per our review of the Bitcoin Profit trading system, the official website features free account registration for all users. 

According to its website, Bitcoin Profit does not charge any service or other handling fees. As per our findings, most of the users still remain active on the site owing to its affordability. Needless to say, most of the other crypto trading platforms have certain service charges along with transaction fees. The registration process is also quite simple where one has to fill in a simple online registration form by providing basic user information like name, email address, phone number, etc.

Bitcoin Profit - Features

Bitcoin Profit – Features

Once the online registration form is duly submitted, a verification email will be shared with the user’s registered email address. Profit has a unique verification system, where apart from the initial registration verification, users are asked to verify their accounts for the withdrawal process owing to safety protocols.

Bitcoin Profit Safety and Security Aspects

In our review, we found that the website is backed by SSL encryption. For enhanced security, users are prompted to access their Profit account by 2FA verification or a two-factor authentication process.

Many people find Bitcoin Profit not only affordable but also superfast for a better trading experience. Although the platform is free to use, based on the user’s bank account linked to their Profit trading account, banks may charge an administrative fee. While users can make use of the trading features on the trading software for free, trading, in general, involves money. And, the minimum deposit amount to carry out lucrative trades is $250.

The creators of Bitcoin Profit assure that the $250 deposited by the trader is used as trading funds, and Profit never capitalizes on this amount. Meaning, when the trader does not wish for a particular trade to take place, they can abort it and claim a complete refund of their initial deposit.

Minimum and Maximum Trading Funds on Bitcoin Profit

According to its creator, John Mayers, the main objective of Bitcoin Profit is earning profits by trading bitcoins. And, to achieve this, they believe the $250 capital fund is the precursor to profit influx. According to their claims, users on average can make profits of up to $1,300 to $1,500 per day. And, while the minimum deposit required is $250 to a maximum deposit limit may go up to $15,000.

The BTC Profit website also features a convenient drop-down option with different payment methods for deposit options, including bank transfer, MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, Skrill, etc.

Different Trading Features at Bitcoin Profit

Bitcoin Profit - How It Works?

Bitcoin Profit – How It Works?

According to most of the Bitcoin profit reviews, the trading software offers a demo account for demo trials. While the demo account is extremely useful for beginners to learn about Bitcoin trading, they are also the key to develop bitcoin trading strategies. Besides, the demo feature is also ideal for backtesting strategies. 

It is imperative to note that the demo features are not suitable for live trading involving real money. However, as per most BTC Profit reviews, the demo accounts are optimal for new users who would want to develop and enhance their knowledge of trading cryptocurrencies. 

Demo accounts are also useful for the experienced traders where they can use the demo trading feature to test out their investment strategy. Sometimes, this account type is also referred to as a test account. 

Features of Bitcoin Profit Live Trading Account

Once traders learn the in and out of cryptocurrency or Bitcoin trading using the demo account, they can move on to the live trading sessions. As soon as the trader activates the live trading account, they are prompted to establish their preferred trading parameters.

Some of the trading parameters include and are not limited to take profit and stop-loss limits, risk levels, and most importantly, the amount to be invested per trade. All these options are featured on the user’s dashboard in the Auto Trade tab of the Bitcoin Profit software.

To better understand, Bitcoin Profit for our review, we tested out the various cryptocurrency and crypto-fiat trading pairs. Some of the popular cryptocurrency pairs featured in the Bitcoin Profit software include BTC/USD, ETH/USD, LTC/USD, among others. Thus, we derived at the conclusion that Bitcoin Profit is an ideal crypto trading platform suitable for crypto-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat trading.

Payouts, Withdrawals, and Deposits at Bitcoin Profit

Bitcoin Profit employs a clear and precise payout system, which is easy to follow. We have already established in this review that the site claims no additional charges. Furthermore, the Bitcoin Profit team claims that the deposit amount or the trading capital and all the profits made by the user’s account are credited to their registered account.

The Bitcoin Profit team also claims that the Profit users can withdraw their trading funds and earnings whenever they wish. In fact, some of the testimonials on their official website also stated that the payouts are much faster compared to Profit’s competitors. And, as per the user testimonials, users can withdraw as much as $1,500 every day.

According to Bitcoin Profit user community forums and social media feedback, compared to other auto trading platforms, Profit is much faster. Typically, they take less than 24-hours to process the withdrawals from the time of withdrawal request placed.

Experienced Broker to Monitor Bitcoin Profit

Bitcoin Profit - Live Results

Bitcoin Profit – Live Results

To ensure seamless service and profits inflow, Profit is tied-up with professional brokers having expertise in crypto trading. The role of these brokers is to ensure that the Bitcoin Profit trading software is delivering profits to every user on a daily basis.

Customer Service at Bitcoin Profit

The Bitcoin Profit trading platform has a 24/7 live online customer support system. The response time is much faster as our queries were addressed within a span of two minutes. Bitcoin Profit’s customer support platform is much faster when compared to its competitors. Nevertheless, the site lacks phone support, but it makes up for it with an easy online contact form. Once the contact form is duly submitted, the customer service team of Profit will reach you either via email or phone call.

As in the case of any good customer support team, once the user’s issues are resolved, the support team requests for feedback. The testimonials received via feedback are featured in the feedback system on the site. The feedback system is a genuine testament to the services and features of the Bitcoin Profit trading platform.

Bitcoin Profit User Testimonials

Bitcoin Profit Pros and Cons

Bitcoin Profit Pros

  • The website claims a success rate of over 92% indicating the potential to generate passive income on a daily basis. 
  • Superfast withdrawals, processed within 24-hours.
  • Demo trade feature.
  • Supports both traditional trading (manual mode) and auto trading (automated mode).
  • Multiple payment methods.
  • Compatible on all mobile phones, and desktop computers.
  • Easy to use with a simple user interface.

Bitcoin Profit Cons

  • No telephone support.

Bitcoin Profit Trading Tips

Here are some of the tips to start trading to generate profits on Bitcoin Profit;

Always start with the minimum deposit of $250 when trying out live trading for the first time. Only when you are confident based on the income generated, deposit more trading funds. 

Make sure to withdraw the profits made on a regular basis at Bitcoin Profit. This applies to any other trading platform as well. Especially when trading using automated mode, there are chances for Bitcoin Profit to utilize the profits earned as trading funds added to the main account balance. 

While relying on the auto mode is better to avoid making decisions influenced by emotions, it is also critical to follow the cryptocurrency market trends for price movements and to establish the stop-loss range parameters. 

Is Bitcoin Profit a Con?

The verdict of our Bitcoin Profit review is that Bitcoin Profit is not a con site or a scam software. Needless to say, there are a few rumours associated with Bitcoin Profit claiming notable celebrities using the platform for additional income earning opportunities. Some of these rumours include promotion and endorsement of Bitcoin Profit by some of the well-known entrepreneurs like Tesla Group’s Elon Musk, Richard Branson of Virgin Group. Further, there is also news indicating the Bitcoin Profit auto trading platform being featured on some of the popular business-related reality TV shows like Dragon’s Den, This Morning, and Shark Tank.

Bitcoin Profit - Coins

Bitcoin Profit – Coins

Some of the celebrity names associated with Bitcoin Profit include celebrity chef, Gordon Ramsay; Peter Jones, Businessman of Dragon’s Den fame; Holly Willoughby of This Morning TV show, among others. Nonetheless, Bitcoin Profit has many programs for affiliate marketers, presenting opportunities to earn extra income. 

While researching Bitcoin Profit we did not come across any such endorsements and claims made by celebrities. Thus, our verdict is that Bitcoin Profit being promoted by celebrities is false news.

How Does Bitcoin Profit Work?

Trading cryptocurrencies is often associated with market risks. Hence, before you trade cryptocurrencies, it is vital to understand the trading risks. Using Bitcoin Profit or understanding the trading process is quite simple. With three basic steps, you can create your Bitcoin Profit account to start trading bitcoins in the crypto market. The steps involved in creating a Bitcoin Profit account are as follows:

Bitcoin Profit - Trends

Bitcoin Profit – Trends

Step 1: Bitcoin Profit account creation process

To use Bitcoin Profit platform, you must first create your Bitcoin Profit account. As Bitcoin Profit is an online platform, the mobile device or desktop used must have an internet connection. 

Step 2: Make an initial deposit of $250 to start trading on the Bitcoin Profit Crypto Trading Platform

Once the account is created, the user can then link their crypto wallet to their Bitcoin Profit account. 

Step 3: Use Bitcoin Profit for a live trading session

After making the initial deposit, you can start trading after auto analyzing the crypto market and the trading signals. Users are advised to note that each trading session will provide a different output as per the crypto market trends. 


Bitcoin trading is soon garnering quite the popularity. Especially with many people actively using the cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange in the mainstream, Bitcoin trading is turning out to be a highly volatile trading opportunity. While a trading session is carried out after extensive analysis and research, many people are making use of trading platforms like Bitcoin Profit that supports auto trading mode. Bitcoin Profit supports both traditional and automated trading modes. The platform is free to use. However, users must make a deposit for live trading sessions. 

Bitcoin Profit FAQs

1. Is the Bitcoin Profit legit?

Bitcoin Profit is one of the legit auto trading platforms. There is no registration fee. Nonetheless, the account holder must deposit a minimum of $250 to carry live trading. The maximum deposit amount may go up to $15,000. However, we recommend to proceed with the initial deposit of $250 to understand live trading.

2. What are the Bitcoin Profit restricted countries?

The Bitcoin Profit site does not provide information about the restricted countries. However, users are advised to visit the website if they are from those countries or territories where Bitcoin is considered to be legal. These countries include,

Morocco, Nigeria, Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mexico, United States, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Australia, to name a few. 

3. Is it worth buying bitcoin 2021?

Bitcoins went through the bull run phase in the year 2017 where a lot of people earned a 1,350% return on investment. However, the following year, 2018, Bitcoins recorded a 70% drop in its value from $14,000 in the Q1 of 2018 to $4,000 by December 2018. A similar fate followed the year 2019 as well. Since then, Bitcoins have risen in its value, making the year 2021 an ideal year to consider Bitcoin investment opportunities. And, this of course, can be achieved using Bitcoin Profit as claimed by its makers. 

4. What are Bitcoins? 

Invented in 2008 by a pseudo-anonymous person or group named Satoshi Nakamoto, bitcoins were released in 2009. Bitcoins are an open-source, decentralized digital currency, which can be sent from one user to another via P2P or peer-to-peer networks, without the involvement of intermediaries.

What truly makes bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies or Altcoins important is that all Bitcoin transactions are recorded in a blockchain network; and, are verified via cryptography involving network nodes.

The use of blockchain technology, which is nothing but a public ledger for recording the transactions of bitcoins, leaves no scope for duplicating, replicating, or deleting the transactions without messing up the various blocks (transaction data) linked to form a chain of blocks.

Typically, the creation of bitcoins is mining. Apart from mining, bitcoins can be exchanged for products, services, currencies, and other cryptos like Ethereum, Litecoin, ZCash, Dash, Dogecoin, among others.

To summarize, bitcoins are decentralized, open-source cryptocurrency, which means;

  • They are not controlled by a central authority.
  • They are recorded and distributed via a public ledger called the blockchain.
  • The blockchain is maintained by a network of Bitcoin miners and not a single administrator. 

5. How do Bitcoins Work?

Bitcoins are typically stored in digital wallets on smartphones and computers. Bitcoins are sent from one wallet to another where every transaction is recorded on a blockchain system. As bitcoins are computer files, one can easily trace them on the blockchain network. Thus, preventing

Blockchain technology enhances the safety and transparency factor associated with bitcoins. It is one of the main reasons why bitcoins are soon becoming a popular currency for online transactions.

There are three main ways to obtain bitcoins, which are as follows:

  • Buying Bitcoins with real money or fiat currency
  • Exchanging commodities or selling them for Bitcoins
  • Creating Bitcoins via mining

Bitcoin mining involves solving complex mathematical problems using high-power computers. The chances for the computers to solve such complex problems as of January 11 2021 is 1 in 16 trillion. Thus, successful Bitcoin mining for creating new Bitcoins is quite rare.

With the rising popularity of Bitcoin, many people are ready to exchange bitcoins for commodities, services, and also fiduciary currency. Needless to say, the most important reason attributed to Bitcoin’s rising popularity is user anonymity. That is to say, although Bitcoin transactions are recorded on a blockchain network, the user remains anonymous.

6. What is Bitcoin Trading?

Apart from mining, Bitcoin trading is yet another means of earning passive income via bitcoins. In fact, Bitcoin trading is akin to Forex or any other fiat currency trading. Typically, Bitcoin trading involves buying one cryptocurrency with another crypto or fiat currency like USD, EUR, etc. Similarly, like Forex, the price movement of the cryptos are determined by the supply/demand, and other cryptocurrency market factors.

In a layman’s language, lucrative bitcoin or crypto trading is when the trader is able to buy Bitcoin when the price is low and sell it when the price is high. The objective here is to capitalize on the high volatility of bitcoins. Most often, trading bitcoins involves buying and selling them using fiat currency. Thus, when the trader is able to sell bitcoins at a higher price, they make money.

7. How is Bitcoin Trading Different from Investing in Bitcoin?

The timeframe over which the digital assets are held is the major difference between trading and investing. Most often, investment is a long-term commitment as opposed to trading. Nevertheless, trading and investing may sometimes overlap when the trader buys the cryptos at a lower price and holds them for a longer duration or until there is a rise in its pricing.

Apart from the time frame involved, the strategies also differ in investing and trading in cryptocurrency. Trading involves closely studying and analyzing the cryptocurrency market to determine market signals and trading risks to make decisions related to buying and selling of bitcoins. It also requires the traders to closely monitor the price movements, economic fluctuations, sociopolitical conditions, similar to Forex trading.

8. Bitcoin Trading: The Realistic Way of Making Money via Bitcoins?

It is a fact that cryptocurrency traders who invested in cryptocurrency pairs or especially in bitcoins have reaped big money. For instance, crypto traders who purchased bitcoins for $10 way back in 2011, can now sell them for more than $1000 and thus gain profits of $990 for every Bitcoin sold.

Cryptocurrency trading is very similar to Forex trading where your input and dedication is directly proportional to the output or profits made. Analyzing market trends and looking for profitable windows or trading indicators is vital. Although traditional traders are well-versed in market trends and market indicators, they cannot dedicate enough time. And, this is generally because people who are into trading bitcoins and other cryptos perceive it to be a passive opportunity to make money.

On the contrary, automated crypto trading platforms like Bitcoin Profit allows traders to make money without having to put much time or even effort. All they have to do is set up parameters for trading, and the auto trading robots will carry out profitable trades. 

9. What are the Benefits of Bitcoin Trading?

Any cryptocurrency trader can find a myriad of perks when trading cryptos but with the ideal cryptocurrency trading platform. With the onset of bitcoins into the mainstream, the blockchain-based cryptocurrency is exchanged for products. Although, it is still a far-off notion when cryptos like bitcoins will replace traditional payment methods, here are some examples where bitcoins are used as a payment method.

Popular travel network, Expedia accepts bitcoins for their services. Well-known food chain, Subway, also accepts bitcoins however, only time will tell if the brand will also make provisions for payment options including other cryptos like Ethereum, Tether, etc. Shopify, an e-commerce platform was one of the early companies that enabled customers to pay with bitcoins, way back in 2013.

The use of Bitcoin or other cryptos as one of the salary payment methods is followed by a few companies in New Zealand. In fact, the country’s tax authorities have made it legal for companies to pay in Bitcoin or other cryptos. Moreover, these organizations can also deduct income tax from the salary under the Pay as you Earn or the PAYE Income Tax Act 2007. 

Practically speaking, bitcoins, as digital currencies can be sent and received from anywhere in the world. In other words, they are not limited by the hassles typically faced by fiat currencies, which include cross-border money transfers, bank holidays, etc. For instance: As per the Monetary Authority of Hong Kong, bitcoins are considered as virtual commodities rather than legal tenders. However, as BTC is decentralized in nature, they may be traded and used as alternative payment methods for cross-border purchases or money transfers.

Transparency is the biggest advantage of Bitcoin, enabled via blockchain technology. Every transaction is recorded on the public ledger. And, once on the blockchain network, the nods cannot be manipulated, replicated, or destroyed.

Bitcoins transactions are safe and secure unlike fiat currencies, which are prone to theft, hackers, and other cybercrimes. Besides, users are not required to provide their personal information for transactions, thus, bitcoins offer protection from identity thefts as well.

Bitcoins have comparatively low fees as opposed to fiat currency where transaction charges are concerned. The fee for handling bitcoins applies as per the exchange rates, which are often negligible.

Apart from the consumers, there are several advantages that Bitcoin offers to other vendors also. One such advantage is the transaction cannot be reversed; thus, vendors are protected from facing losses.

With these many advantages associated with cryptocurrencies and especially bitcoins, people associated with bitcoin trading will achieve both long-term and short-term gains on their holdings.