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New Blockchain-based Data Integrity Solution Launched by Sixgill

Sixgill LLC has been reigning the data automation and authenticity products market since its inception. Now it is all set to launch a blockchain-based data authenticity solution under the name Sixgill Integrity™ 1.0. This authenticity solution is all set to fulfill the most critical data authenticity needs of the enterprises with its robust potential that can monitor the veracities of any kind of data streams.

The need for data authenticity has been manifold. The massive data processing in the Cloud network has not been free from intrusions. Therefore, the present crisis demands something that can assure data security beyond any limits and what else can provide the maximum protection from data vulnerability than blockchain technology. Sixgill experts tried to transform this vision into the reality of creating a blockchain-based data authenticity solution and this gave birth to Sixgill Integrity.

Integrity is a lot different and superior as compared to other data security offerings available. The basic difference lies in the fact that Integrity integrates DLT, which is the distributed ledger technology imbibed in the blockchain technology, with the modern distributed data system. The robust architecture of Integrity that combines the immutable properties of the private/public blockchains with the off-chain and on-chain data layers makes it possible. DLT makes it easier for Integrity to use cryptography and blockchain in authenticating the origin of the data completely. It also helps in verifying the data content and data chronology.

However, instead of using the normal blockchain technology, Sixgill chose the hybrid on-chain and off-chain architecture of blockchain technology. With such an implementation, Integrity is very hopeful about the project and as such, it believes that the organizations will be highly benefitted on aspects like security, transparency, and immutability of both the public and the private blockchain networks.

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