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United States need to Centralize China’s Technology Program after the Trade Talks are resumed Business Group Claims

American trade peacemakers were informed by two US business groups that the Hi-tech initiative of Beijing is moving ahead as illustrated in the Made in China 2015 plan. Made in China is a policy whose objective is to concentrate on the tasks that are assumed to be resumed by next week in an attempt to end the trade war.

American Chamber of Commerce that was held in China along with a joint report said that the US Chamber of Commerce had recognized more than 100 policies within 24 provinces and cities such that they create rules, either set goals or furnish the initial guidance that will instantly initiate or are directly associated to MIC 2025. MIC 2025 is an essential initiative which is backed by Xi Jinping the Chinese President focused mainly on developing technology sectors which compromise semiconductors, aviation, robotics, and AI.

The group’s results were later rendered to the US Trade Representative Office a few days back The Wall Street Journal first mentioned about it in its report.

Is it made in China 2025 Plan How is Beijing going to direct the world?

According to the data that was published by South China Morning Post says that positive Chinese approach seems to be occurring at a regional level.

Outstanding individual innovations, developing and intellectual property is the main goal while the local government is vigorously trying to promote and develop their specific plans along with the MIC 2025 plan with the help of the state government, declaration according to the US Chamber of Commerce.

Is this the turning phase for the US-China relations and trade war?

It is recommended for in-depth, constant and combined effort within the sub-central authorities to execute and also accept profit about the incentives ties of Made in China 2025 plan stated in a report.

Systematic challenges must be addressed by the Chinese government at all levels whatever the solution could be.

Apart from lowering the trade deficit of US with China as per the reports titled on Washington to priorities outcomes to address the fundamental challenges related to China’s economic policies and habits while the groups claim are unjust and limiting for the US companies.

With the help of Made in China in 2025, China intends to govern the Hi-tech sector hit a stumbling block

Little progress was made at the time of negotiations which has led for high concerns. In Beijing during the recent time, Beijing has approached the issue related to the deep-rooted conflicts about China’s state-approved industry policies and the Hi-tech development program.

The countdown for Trade War Agreement

During talks, sources informed the Post that the plans related to scaling up of buying the American goods were discussed by the Chinese negotiators, which would intent to help the trade imbalance by lowering it and further preventing the issues related to structural challenges of the Chinese economy.

Financial Times stated in its report that Chinese proposal of sending vice minister-level officials to Washington to make the we have rejected arrangement for the visit of Chinese Vice-Premier Liu He’s which is scheduled next week this has further led for doubts and confusion as to whether or not the countries intend to meet the March 1 deadline which is fixed by the US President Donald Trump and by Chinese President Xi Jinping ahead of the traffic increases resumes.

China’s Economy Slows Downs Further, Lowest ever compared with Quarterly Growth

The President of the US-China Business Council Craig Allen moved away from such issues quoting it as a simple logistics that keeps on changing over the time.

While planning its quite not essential to have a face to face consultation Craig stated.

Craig further believed that there is no need to worry about such developments at all and we should concentrate on the bigger picture.

The White House Chief Economic Adviser Larry Kudlow on Tuesday spoke to CNBC stating that no meeting has been lined-up during this week although both the countries are constantly in touch with each other before the talks that are scheduled in next week.

Chinese foreign ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying In Beijing replied to Kudlow’s statement saying that she has observed the statement given by an American official and he has clarified the issue. Both the countries are in touch with each other related to trade talks. There are no changes that I have noticed or heard. Hua said it in a press conference that was held on Wednesday.

The joint report suggests that China should make changes in policy guidance and regulations to remove technology transfer, further coping with the market barriers and unfairness related to hi-tech development plans that are incorporated by MIC2025.

We request the US government authorities to make a comprehensive approach that will accomplish concurrent and distinct changes governing to regulations, laws, standards, and performance after that within China’s policy landscape it was mentioned.

Further, it also mentioned that China’s assurance to reform should be linked to free guidelines, timelines, and intense monitoring.

The report also suggests for the removal of obstacles related to cross border data flowed and approached the US negotiators to claim that the US digital service providers have objected about the China address security requirements, which are biased and harms the competition in the Chinese market.

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