UK Parliament Rejects PM’s Brexit Deal by 230 Votes

UK Parliament has defeated Prime Minister’s Brexit deal on a crushing margin. As the date of the divorce is nearing, UK may have to leave the European Union without a deal or even have to stay in it.

Parliament had voted 432-202 against the deal proposed by the Prime minister. It is said to be the worst defeat for the Government in the recent British history. Not only the Brexiteers but also the lawmakers in support of EU membership voted down the deal.

The final date of March 29 for separation is nearing. And with these uncertainties, the United Kingdom is going through the deepest crisis of the century. The question remains intact about how to leave the union or even whether to leave the union. It should be reported here that the United Kingdom joined the European Union in 1973.

The British Prime Minister Theresa May wanted from the starting to depart with the European Union amicably having decided the future course of the relationship with the union. But, the recent defeat and the first British parliamentary defeat of a treaty since 1864, made it clear that the two years of strategy and persuasion did not work for the PM.

Anand Menon, professor of European politics and foreign affairs at King’s College London said the Brexit deal is basically dead. The EU lawmakers, as well as the British lawmakers, would consider the deal dead and as of now, Britain has neither Brexit nor any alternative to Brexit.

The British Prime minister has repeatedly refused to resign in the whole process of gathering consensus, but now she has some limited options at her hands. She might get agreed on the Brexit with no deal with the European Union or any last moment concessions from the European Union. She also has other options like a delay to Brexit, resignation, an election or a referendum.

The Dilemma-

Since 2016 referendum which allowed the Brexit to happen on a majority of 52 to 48 percent, the British political class has been debating how to leave the European projected which was created by Germany and France on the aftermath of World War II.

As the country is divided on the question of EU membership, the matter of vital importance is British’s contemporary position and the importance of its decision as it will shape the future generation’s prosperity.

Before the deal, Theresa May had made one thing clear that Britain would rather stay in the European Union than leaving the European Union without a deal. She had also urged her fellow conservative members not to let the Labour party hold power to control the Brexit. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, said he is now expecting an early election after calling a vote for a no-confidence motion. After the huge defeat, it is undemocratic for her to continue in the Government.

Supporters of EU membership strongly advocate that the Brexit will create more fissures between the western unity and it will undermine the reputation of the United Kingdom as a stable destination for investment, and it would eventually impact Britain’s importance in the Global Politics.

The opponents of Brexit also are hoping for another referendum and this time they are pretty hopeful of a win as the Brexiteers of the past referendum now have the proper insight and knowledge of the consequences of Brexit.

People supporting Brexit stated the over-bureaucratic nature of the union is responsible for the fast falling of the once used to be super powerful British. As per them, in order to continue the competition with countries like the United States and China, it has to change and get out of the Union which prohibits the freedom it requires.

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