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Dutch payments platform, Adyen launches a new open banking alternative to card transactions

With the recent enactment of EU’s Payment Service Directive (P2D2) requirement for banks to create APIs that let third parties initiate payments on behalf of consumers. Adyen has become an early adapter to this by introducing a new open banking payments method that will enable authentication of payments between the consumer and the bank avoiding chargebacks generated due to card frauds or an inability to capture funds. Upon selecting the payment type, the customers will be redirected to their bank’s online environment to securely confirm the transaction. Adyen with its latest financial technology will handle the payment flow between banks and merchants. Their latest offering is suggested to decrease transaction processing costs for higher value transactions while at the same time open banking will offer real-time credit transfers guaranteeing payments and enabling merchants to confirm payments and ship orders immediately.

It is constantly striving to innovate and simplify the payments process for consumers and merchants. Adyen is a unique payment solution provider that is the choice for many of the world’s leading companies. Fraud protection has been an increasing priority in today’s digital economy. Traditional card transactions are slow, charge higher processing costs and are prone to frauds. With this latest addition in the company’s offerings, Adyen has become the first payments provider to offer a fully compliant, direct payment solution in the UK and it has been continuously working with Open Banking Implementation Entities to bring the benefits of a digitized payments system to consumers and merchants alike.

“It is exciting to see another great example of open banking powering innovation and leading to new services which ultimately help drive efficiencies in payments,” said Imran Gulamhuseinwala OBE, Trustee of OBIE (Open Banking Implementation Entity). “Adyen is a great example of how consumers and organizations can benefit from increased collaboration and secure data sharing between financial institutions.”

Dutch airline KLM is the first major brand to roll out the new offering. The service is now live and accessible to all UK customers. After Brexit, UK has become the most important foreign market for EU nation companies. “It is great to see that KLM is the first airline to offer this open banking payment option to our UK customers. BY working with Adyen’s payment initiative, we are offering customers a wider choice of payment options securely and seamlessly,” said Pieter Groeneveld, Senior Vice President at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

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