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Coinitix: Purchase Bitcoins Differently

We all are familiar with the concept of a stock exchange. It is a platform where you can sell or buy shares of different organizations to make a profit. Similar to the stock exchange, we have the concept of a cryptocurrency exchange in the field of digital coins. The logic of buying and selling cryptocurrencies applies in cryptocurrency exchange, and investors make a profit in terms of buying digital coins at a low price and selling them at a high price. 

Given that cryptocurrency is a relatively new field of evolution, there are many constraints that are impeding its adoption among the general public. People are unaware of the digital coins, and also, technical issues related to digital currencies are matters of concern for many.  

However, the critical issue holding back the Bitcoin adoption is the lack of a mechanism that allows the masses to buy cryptocurrency using conventional methods and processes. This is handicapping the industry’s growth potential, but thankfully now, prospective buyers have got the support of Coinitix. 

Coinitix Platform 

Coinitix is a revolutionary platform that offers users the facility to buy Bitcoin using their credit cards. The feature is as easy and convenient as doing shopping online. There is no fuss in the buying process, and all you have to do is to open an account with Coinitix and then use your credit card to buy Bitcoin.

How to create an account? 

Fully recognizing that different buyers have a different level of competence when it comes to using technology, Coinitix has kept things extremely simple and convenient for all categories of prospective customers. To open an account, one needs to enter some basic information and accept the terms and conditions of its official website. This will create the account and make the person eligible to start with the buying process. 

Distinctive Features

  • Fast Verification

The verification process offered by the Coinitix is fast and secure. The primary focus of all mechanisms developed by the Coinitix is to make sure that verification gets completed swiftly without any unnecessary technical or administrative lag. This will help investors to get the verification done on a real-time basis and provides them an opportunity to stay ahead of the investment curve.

  • Swift Payouts 

Similar alacrity and swiftness can be witnessed in the process of cryptocurrency payouts by Coinitix. This is important as fast payouts hold a prominent place in the desirable characteristics sought by investors. The capability is beneficial in providing investors better chances to invest in the Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. 

  • Competitive Fee Structure 

Customers are usually worried about the high fee structure of different platforms as the commission charged by these mediums is relatively high. Fortunately, this is not the case with the Coinitix which offers the most competitive commissioning fees across the industry. You will be paying a very nominal amount as transaction charges, leading to higher savings and better profit. To further sweeten the deal, there is no hidden fee involved in the process at any stage of the transactional procedure. 

  • Responsive Customer Care 

It is common in the cryptocurrency domain that prospective buyers and investors have several queries regarding a range of technical aspects and other parameters. Keeping this in mind, Coinitix has developed a very considerate and responsive customer care mechanism, which is operational for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

This round-the-clock facility is beneficial, especially for the buyers taking the plunge into the cryptocurrency industry for the first time. The company’s customer care executives have been carefully chosen and trained fully to handle concerns related to Bitcoin buying using credit cards. 

  • Regulatory Nature

Another major benefit of buying Bitcoin through Coinitix is that the currency exchange has been fully regulated and got a license from the Government of Estonia. This means that it complies with the statutory requirements, and as an investor, you get the surety that your funds to be in safe hands. Unlike many deregulated exchanges, the regulatory nature of Coinitix is reassuring. 


Coinitix helps the Bitcoin adoption expand by making its buying process simple, safe, and effective. The exchange has come as a blessing for many investors longing for a seamless Bitcoin buying experience. Further, the highly competitive commissioning rate, responsive customer care, and regulated nature of the Coinitix make it a preferred platform for buying Bitcoin using your credit card.

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