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Bitcoin Trader Review 2021: An All-inclusive Guide

News of celebrities Elon Musk, Gordon Ramsay, among others assumed to have made cryptocurrency investments are all over the internet. Elon Musk of Tesla, in fact, openly refuted claims of being the pseudonymous person(s) Satoshi Nakamoto, creator of Bitcoin. Nevertheless, one cannot help but wonder if trading in bitcoins is truly the key to making money.

Let’s not forget, Billionaire Eric Schmidt and Bill Gates, some of the notable advocates of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Also, one cannot ignore the upsurge in the value of bitcoins from nothing (2009) to over $10,000 (2020.)

Bitcoin Transactions

Bitcoin Transactions Yearly Chart

The Graph Indicates the Number of Bitcoin Transactions

If at all, trading bitcoins is indeed a surefire means of generating income, how could have anyone truly achieved it? Is there a secure trading app ensuring a steady stream of profits via trading in Bitcoin? Before getting into all this, let’s get started with this Bitcoin Trader review by first understanding what Bitcoins are.

Bitcoins and the Other Cryptos

Since its mysterious inception in 2009, Bitcoin has set the world ablaze with numerous possibilities. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency or a virtual currency, which is not controlled by any private or government authorities.

Decentralized in nature, Bitcoin is an open-source virtual currency backed by complex algorithms, which prevents its unauthorized replication or even duplication. This sturdy security making it virtually impossible to hack bitcoins’ source code makes it a highly valued yet volatile digital asset.

Many virtual currencies are introduced into the cryptocurrency market every other day, thanks to hedge funding. Nonetheless, Bitcoin is the only crypto, valued on par with any other fiduciary currency like USD, EUR, AUD, among others.

As a matter of fact, the first blockchain-based cryptocurrency, today, Bitcoin is believed to be a revolutionary new technology. Fueled by yet another groundbreaking technology encompassing the Blockchain network, Bitcoin is gradually moving into the mainstream.

Bitcoin as a Liquid Investment Vessel

Many companies like Microsoft, Expedia, WordPress, to name a few are already accepting and acknowledging payments made using bitcoins. Countries like Zimbabwe, Venezuela, among others that are in constant political upheaval, also find bitcoins a favorable medium of exchange.

Richard Branson, Founder, the Virgin Group is all set to accept bitcoins as payment for commercial space flights via Virgin Galactic. Since recently, retailers in Japan are also accepting bitcoins as a medium of payment.

Whether you’re an online or a brick-and-mortar business, setting up bitcoins as a payment method by linking wallet addresses via QR codes is also a possibility. And, when bitcoins will make it completely into the mainstream as a globally recognized digital currency, their value could increase exponentially.

Introduction to Trading Bitcoin

Everyone wants to own Bitcoin today. Investing in Bitcoin promises greater rewards in conjunction with all the recent hype similar to the gold rush of the 19th century. Nevertheless, one cannot ignore the fact that cryptocurrency and especially Bitcoin is possibly an investment asset with the most liquidity.

Fiat currencies, one of the most liquid assets are regulated by the concerned governments making it prone to inflation risks or otherwise. Cryptocurrencies like bitcoins on the other hand are immune to economic fluctuation. As a matter of fact, it wouldn’t be wrong to assume that bitcoins could not lose their value, irrespective of the instability of the global economy.

Bitcoin investors or traders can easily trade bitcoins for other liquid assets like gold, soft commodities, or cash at extremely low fees. Furthermore, Bitcoin is an ideal investment asset for both short-term gains and long-term rewards owing to its high demand.

How Much Do Bitcoin Traders Make?

The value of Bitcoin in 2011 was fluctuating anywhere between $1 to $30, but today, the value of Bitcoin is more than $10,000. And, this means traders who have invested in Bitcoin having recognized its potential back in 2011, would be a millionaire today.

What is Bitcoin Trading?

Bitcoin trading involves buying bitcoins at a lower price and selling them back at a much higher price. It all depends on speculations and real-time fluctuations of the crypto’s value; it involves making use of any opportunity to buy bitcoins and especially when the price drops.

As stated earlier, traders who had recognized the potential of Bitcoin in 2011 or even earlier would be earning millions in returns. Even though it’s a given that Bitcoin trades have the advantage of anonymity, it also has the added benefit of leverage trading to augment profits.

The bottom line is successful traders look for the right trading signals to execute lucrative trading of bitcoins. Following Bitcoin trading strategies of some of the early adopters of bitcoins like Chamath Palihapitiya for trading, is also a possibility. But how does one keep track of the cryptocurrency market trends or shadow notable traders of cryptocurrency?

Even though cryptocurrency exchange platforms like Coinbase, eToro, etc, provide cryptocurrency market indicators, how to execute the trade in the nick of time? It is when automated trading systems like Bitcoin Revolution, Bitcoin Trader, which use auto trading robots come into the picture.

Introduction to Automated Trading

Let’s get started by first understanding what are auto trading systems because it is imperative for this Bitcoin Trader review.

Typically, automated trading or algorithmic trading systems enable traders to automatically execute the trading of bitcoins. Here, the trader ascertains explicit trading rules for trade entries and exits, which the auto trading platform executes to the dot. Such auto trading platforms also provide the added advantage of backtesting trading strategies.

What is Bitcoin Trader?

Bitcoin Trader is an online manual and auto trading platform for cryptocurrency and Forex. Invented by Gary Roberts in 2017, Bitcoin Trader uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) based crypto trading robots for live trading.

Bitcoin Trader - Overview

Bitcoin Trader Review – Overview

Bitcoin Trader team believes their trading platform enables traders to make the most of the cryptocurrency market. According to them, Bitcoin Trader is capable of generating better gains when compared to other trading robots. Bitcoin Trader claims a 99.4% success rate with case studies of traders earning around $1,300 every day.

The makers also state that Bitcoin Trader makes use of a trading robot, which is powered to scan the cryptocurrency market in real-time. The trading robot is thus able to detect profitable trading windows. After this, the trading robot completes the trade to make money by selling the crypto at profitable rates. While trading typically entails traders buying and selling assets for profits, at Bitcoin Trader, it is the automated robot facilitating the trades.

All the Bitcoin Trader accounts are connected to the VPS (Virtual Private Servers), ensuring real-time execution of lucrative trading opportunities. Thus, there is no issue of time-lapse. Besides, the Bitcoin Trader automated platform is a step ahead of the cryptocurrency market by 0.01 seconds. And this, despite being a meager window, is effective in the financial markets where currencies move at a breakneck speed. Moreover, unlike traders, Bitcoin Trader can carry out multiple trades in a given time, thus, securing profits.

Salient Features of Bitcoin Trader

Any review is incomplete without the website description and functionality assessment. Bitcoin Trader is one of the user-friendly trading platforms for a faster and better trading experience.

Broad Spectrum Trading Indicators

According to the Bitcoin Trader’s website, the automated trading platform is accoutred with the six most notable and highly preferred trading indicators. Also, the platform makes use of seven different timeframes enabling access to a broad spectrum of trading signals for cryptocurrency and Forex trading.

Automated Trading Mode

Although it enables automated or smart trading of Bitcoins, Bitcoin Trader also has a manual trading feature. The auto trading mode works using the trading robot. These robots are algorithm-based computer programs that rely on complex mathematical calculations. Mainly, automated robots are reliable for backtesting, implementing strategies, and also executing the trades, but without the psychological element that influences traders.

Enhanced Safety and Privacy

Bitcoin Trader is protected with SSL encryption to safeguard users’ information. And, the traders are enabled to interact with only the duly verified Brokers compatible with this auto trading platform. Simply put, Bitcoin Trader is safe and secure furthered by blockchain technology-enabled anonymity.

Trailing Loss and Profits

Bitcoin Trader employs both stop-loss and take-profit criteria. The system’s AI-based crypto trading robot automatically analyzes the currency and CFDs markets to determine the ideal time to sell the cryptos, CFDs, etc. Thus, users make profits even from the slightest changes in the markets.

Free Registration and Usage

Unlike the other automated trading platforms, Bitcoin Trader is free to register and use. However, users are advised to note that while there is no trading fee, to start trading, traders must make a minimum deposit of $250 trading funds.

The software uses the deposit money of $250 to make automated lucrative trades in the currency market. Typically, one can only trade with a certain capital amount and without this amount, automated trades are not possible. Thus, the minimum amount of $250 for carrying out automated trades. Nevertheless, users can deposit more than $250 where the maximum deposit limit is $15,000. It is also vital to note that, the software will only recommend profitable trade opportunities after intensive computations. And, if the user does not wish to proceed with the suggestion, the deposit amount is not deducted. Further, the user can request for a refund at any given point, provided, the trade hasn’t occurred.

As stated above, users can create their trading profiles for free and can also use multiple trading accounts. All they need to do is follow three easy steps for creating their automated cryptocurrency and Forex trading account.

Getting Started with Bitcoin Trader

In this Bitcoin Trader review, let’s get started with the easy three-step registration process to start trading in Bitcoin and Forex for free. Based on our experience, we have derived the fact that the auto trading system, Bitcoin Trader, lives up to its promise. The steps involved are as follows.

Step 1: Creating your Bitcoin Trader Account

Bitcoin Trader has a simple registration form.

Bitcoin Trader - Registration

Bitcoin Trader – Registration

The first step is the registration process, which requires the visitor to fill in their basic details like name, email address, phone number, etc. Once the visitor clicks on the Get Started Now button, they will receive an email as part of the verification process.

After account registration and email verification, their Bitcoin Trader account is created, enabling users to access the trading software for free.

Step 2: Funding your Trading Account

To get started with investing in bitcoins, the user must transfer trade funds or capital into their account. The minimum deposit amount is $250 and the maximum deposit amount may go up to $15,000. The trading system supports various payment options for the trader’s convenience. In fact, users can also link their bank account, credit card, or even crypto wallet as payment methods. 

Step 3: Start Trading Using the Smart Trading System

Bitcoin Trader software supports types of trading: Automated mode and the manual mode. The former is driven by complex algorithms and mathematical calculations. In the automated mode, the crypto trading robot analyzes the currency markets to derive trading signals for executing lucrative trades. As per many user reviews, the automated mode is ideal for beginners.

The manual mode as the name suggests allows the users to control and execute their trading strategies. Even though manual mode has its advantages, and better suited for professional traders, experts recommend the automated mode. The reason being, the automated mode is equipped to handle multiple accounts and constantly monitors the cryptocurrency market for trade indicators.

Bitcoin Trader also offers the convenience of switching between the two trading modes. Thus, traders, both professionals and newcomers can start trading with either the automated or the manual mode.

It is imperative to note that Bitcoin Trader is online trading software, which means it requires an internet connection for tracking the crypto market indicators.

Demo Trading Account

Demo trading feature is yet another unique aspect of this crypto trading system. The demo account or the demo mode enables traders to practice trades without using their deposit funds. As real money is not involved, it enables new traders to understand how the Bitcoin Trader works. The demo trading account also allows the traders to use both auto trading and manual modes. In other words, the demo trade account is your key to use Bitcoin Trader to study market indicators.

Bitcoin Trader Customer Support

Bitcoin Trader offers 24/7 online customer support in multiple languages. There is also the option of contact form where the customer support team will get back to you over email. Nevertheless, there is no phone support.

Is Bitcoin Trader Safe to Use?

Bitcoin Trader has a fairly competent customer support team proficient in multiple languages. The 24 hours live trading feature enables the user to make profits without missing potential trade windows. Although these are some of the reasons to trust the crypto trading platform, the most important one is that Bitcoin Trader is protected with SSL encryption. Furthermore, Bitcoin Trader also employs two-factor authentication (2FA) for added user safety. Thus, not only the user’s information is protected, but also their privacy.

Is Bitcoin Trader Any Good?

Every trader aspires to make money every day. While it is possible to a certain extent, one must never forget that trading is a risky investment. Whether it is the stock market, Forex, or cryptocurrency markets, every day is a new opportunity to earn real money. Nonetheless, it depends on the currency’s market value, which is never constant.

Some days you may earn much money depending on the price movement, while some days you may not. The fact is, auto trading platforms like Bitcoin Trader provide trade signals to execute trades when there’s an opportunity to earn money. Nonetheless, the 24 hours live trading feature of the Bitcoin Trader app will ensure the execution of every lucrative trade opportunity.

What is the Best Bitcoin Trading Platform?

Trading typically entails a lot, which is one of the reasons not many people try it despite the high profits involved; right from employing analytical or decision-making skills, or creating and implementing trading strategies, or closely following the financial markets.

The bottom line is trading is a time-consuming investment. However, with the aid of auto trading platforms that use trading bots, you can save a significant amount of your time. Besides, these trading bots supported by artificial intelligence, do all the work, right from analyzing the market to identifying the trading signals.

New Bitcoin trading automated software is regularly introduced into the market. But, how does one choose the best from the many options available? And, most importantly how to identify a genuine app out of the many scam sites?

As a matter of fact, celebrity endorsement is the latest marketing strategy to promote these new Bitcoin auto trading platforms. And, the big question here is can we rely on them? Especially when the celebrities later confirm it to be just rumours.

Most often, auto trading crypto platforms are widely promoted on TV shows. In fact, Google also fails to identify the fake apps. When this is the case, rather than trusting any TV show, people can judge for themselves the worth of the app. While product review posts and forums are a great source to rely on, there are other elements to consider as well.

Here are some of the key aspects that people can rely on when choosing the best Bitcoin trading platform.

Is the Automated Trader Reliable?

Reliability and trust go hand in hand. To assess the reliability quotient of the trading software, people can look for information about the bot’s creators or operators. Reputation also matters here where you could consider their market experience. Most importantly, assess the strategies employed by the auto trade mode. And, this can be achieved with a demo account. Also, make sure the platform supports the backtesting of strategies.

Is the Auto Trade Safe?

Protection from hackers or anti-theft features must be your primary concern. Make sure the trading platform is protected by SSL encryption to safeguard your privacy and user information.

The authenticity of the testimonials

You can find genuine review blogs based on customer feedback. Such discussion threads often provide a true insight on the application in question. There are Bitcoin Trader communities and forums where users discuss their concerns and also share tips for better trades.

Are the profits promised too good to be true?

Many people give a lot of prominence to the profits promised by the automated trader. While this is an important element, it is important to ensure that they are reasonably fair. For instance, Bitcoin Loophole promises users profits of $13,000 in one day, which is way over the top. On the other hand, Bitcoin Trader clearly states the risk factors associated with crypto trades on its official website.

Take the time to compare the real-time case studies involving genuine users; because, crypto markets are highly volatile and more liquid, which means one may experience a fair share of losses as well.

The bottom line is a lot of research and comparative study is vital to choose the best crypto trader as it is your money at stake.

Bitcoin Trader Compared to Other Crypto Trading Platforms

In terms of the registration process, Bitcoin Trader when compared to its competitors has a fairly simple online application form. Nevertheless, the site is also protected by encryption and 2F authentication to protect user information, which most of the other platforms lack.

Many people, especially those who are new to crypto trades prefer to start off with a demo account. While Bitcoin Trader offers a free demo account, other crypto trading platforms require the users to make the initial capital investment. Which, in the case of Bitcoin Trader is on the lower side for live trading when compared to its contemporaries.

Readers are advised to note that the traders can use the demo mode without making the initial deposit. However, for live trading to earn real money, users must deposit a minimum of $250 to their user account. Further, there are multiple deposit methods using credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, and American Express.

Bitcoin Trader is known for its transparency as the site provides complete information on the risks associated and also on how it works. However, this is not the case with other platforms that only promises profitable trades with zero losses, which is impossible.

Banking options at Bitcoin Trader are lightning-fast and may take up to 24 hours, but with the other online platforms, it typically takes at least 14 working days.

Traditional trader vs. automated robots: Which is Better?

Traditional traders are subject to emotional stress and anxiety when a trade goes wrong. To control further damage, they implement strategies, which may backfire and end up losing much money. In other words, traditional traders seldom make rational decisions as they often worry about the consequences.

AI-based automated robots completely rely on analytics, logic, statistics, and rational thinking, leaving no scope for errors. Moreover, the robots are computer programs derived from powerful algorithms making them efficient to identify the slightest indicators.

Based on our review and findings, Bitcoin Trader has both traditional (manual mode) and auto mode (automated robots) options. Furthermore, traders can opt for customized trade settings, where they are in control of the complete robot enabled trade as they set the parameters of the trade.

The creators of Bitcoin Trader recommend auto robots for novice traders who are uncertain about the crypto market. However, Bitcoin Trader suggests beginners choose manual mode to practice using a demo account for learning all about crypto trades. 

Bitcoin Trader Review: Pros and Cons


  • Demo account feature with deposit required
  • 24 hours live trading
  • Minimum deposit is $250
  • 2Factor authentication password protection and SSL encryption
  • 24/7 online customer support
  • Faster withdrawals and deposits


  • No phone support
  • No mobile Bitcoin Trader app
  • Although Bitcoin Trader does not have a mobile app, it is quite compatible to browse on mobile phones.


Even though there are numerous cryptocurrency trading platforms and exchanges, choosing the best may be quite intimidating. In this review, we have highlighted the features of ideal auto trading platforms as it was vital for our study. We conducted a thorough analysis of Bitcoin Trader. And, the verdict is Bitcoin Trader is a genuine platform that offers a demo trading account and live trading features. Thus, it is suitable for both beginners and professional traders.

Bitcoin Trader FAQs

1. Is Bitcoin Trader legit?
Yes. Bitcoin Trader is a legit online automated trader that facilitates both automated and manual trades of bitcoins, CFDs, Forex, among others.

2. What are the Bitcoin Trader restricted countries?
Bitcoin Trader is easily accessible globally. However, residents of a few countries cannot access the Bitcoin Trader software, which includes: Afghanistan, Algeria, Belgium, Chad, France, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Korea, Libya, Mali, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, Tunisia, United States, Yemen.

3. Is Bitcoin Trader a Scam?
In our extensive research for this review, our findings suggest that Bitcoin Trader is not a scam or a fake website. For news topics on Bitcoin Trader, please visit their official website.

4. What are the Bitcoin Trader service charges?
Bitcoin Trader does not have any subscription registration fees. The online crypto trading platform is free to use. However, for live trading with real money, users are required to make a deposit of a minimum of $250. The deposit money is the user’s capital fund for trading.

According to the Bitcoin Trader website, the deposit money is used for trades. If at all the user does not wish to trade, the money is credited back to the user’s account from where the deposit was made. The site also claims that Bitcoin Trader does not capitalize on the deposit money.

5. How long does it take to verify my account?
Account verification is mandatory to complete the registration process. In fact, the verification process takes a few minutes. And, once the account is all set, the next step is to deposit the capital fund for live trading. New users interested in the demo account may proceed without depositing the money.

6. How much profit does a bitcoin trader make on average in a single day?
As per our review, on average, a user makes $13,00 to $1,500 per day. However, there are chances of not earning profits owing to the volatility and leverage of the cryptocurrency.