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AnalystQ Review


AnalystQ is one of the best trading platforms which is used by many traders all around the world. It offers various account types, including primary, professional, and AutomatiQ accounts, to serve all kinds of traders. The trading platform also provides a wide range of services and advanced tools to its traders so that they can make good profit from trading. Here is the comprehensive AnalystQ review that will help you in determining if the broker is legit or not.

AnalystQ Reviews - Most Reliable Broker

AnalystQ Reviews – Overview of Platform

AnalystQ Trading Accounts:

AnalystQ review showcases that AnalystQ offers three different types of accounts to its traders, along with a wide variety of assets and advanced tools.

1) Primary Accounts – Primary account of AnalystQ is an ideal account type for beginners. The Primary account type can be further classified into three types – Standard, Education, and Speciality. The standard account is the one that offers a variety of tradable assets. The minimum deposit amount to open a standard primary account is 500 USDT.

2) Professional Accounts – Professional account of AnalystQ offers special trading tools and a variety of trading opportunities to the traders. The account type is ideal for intermediate traders who have some experience with trading. The professional account is further divided into two types MarginQ account and Platinum account.

3) AutomatiQ Accounts – AutomatiQ account of AnalystQ is for the traders who want to trade with maximum efficiency. The traders need only to add the funds to the account and select the correct trading strategy and finally click the automatic trading button. From this, the trading robots handle everything, and the traders can relax and get profitable returns.

Instruments that can be traded on AnalystQ:

AnalystQ Reviews - Wide Instruments

AnalystQ Reviews – Wide Instruments

1) Cryptocurrencies – AnalystQ offers various tools to its traders so that they can make a high profit using the leverage opportunities. The trading platform doesn’t need you to own cryptocurrency for trading. The trading platform offers various learning tools and services that are essential to make a profit in the cryptocurrency trading world.

2) Currency Options – The forex market brings a lot of good opportunities to trade. AnalystQ allows traders to trade in a wide range of currency options, including BTC/JPY, BTC/ETH, BTC/EUR, BTC/USDT, etc.

3) Energy Commodities – AnalystQ allows its traders to trade in renewable as well as non-renewable energy sources like biomass, geothermal, gas, coal, and oil. Due to changing weather conditions, the price of energy commodities keeps on changing, which makes them a good investment opportunity.

4) Precious Metals – Precious metals are one of the best assets to invest in. Precious metals like Gold, Silver, Palladium, Platinum, etc. always bring profit. The value of precious metals always moves up, and investment in it can act as strong insurance against the worst condition.

5) Soft Commodities – Soft commodities like sugar, cocoa, cotton, coffee have great demand, which is why their prices keep on fluctuating, giving the traders the opportunity to trade in them. AnalystQ allows traders to trade in soft commodities with ease.


AnalystQ is one of the most renowned trading platforms that offers its users various educational resources needed to acquire knowledge through specialized courses. A trader can get access to such high-quality educational material by signing up on the platform.

AnalystQ Reviews - Education

AnalystQ Reviews – Education

1) Educational Courses – Trading needs a lot of knowledge and experience. A trader who is inexperienced can risk his hard-earned money in forex, commodities, cryptocurrencies, etc. The educational resources offered by AnalystQ are best for both inexperienced and new traders. The platform also provides a curriculum and several informative articles on investment and trading.

2) Online Trading Courses – Various customized and flexible courses are available online on AnalystQ. A trader can learn the ins and outs of trading from these courses at his own pace. There are various trading strategies that a trader can learn from these courses.

3) Personal Trading Courses – Personalized trading courses from AnalystQ are the best alternative to the personal trading coach. AnalsytQ allows traders to follow the industry experts’ trading strategies with the help of which they can build an impressive portfolio.

Platforms that are compatible with AnalystQ:

1) Android Trading app Platform – Android app of AnalystQ is designed to help the traders so that they can trade conveniently and quickly. The app can show real-time data and send push notifications to the traders. The trading platform is compatible with all Android devices; a trader just needs to download the app from their Android device to start trading.

AnalystQ Reviews - Android Trading App Platform

AnalystQ Reviews – Android Trading App Platform

2) iPhone Trading App Platform – AnalystQ also offers benefits to iPhone users. iPhone users can conveniently execute trades anytime using the AnalystQ trading app, which can easily be downloaded from the iOS store. The app has an intuitive interface, which is easy to use even for new traders. The beautiful layout long with the impeccable design is one of the few features why iOS users prefer using the app.

3) MetaTrader 5 platform – Metatrader 5 platform is the latest trading platform that allows the traders to do an in-depth analysis of the market conditions and it also offers the tools that help them in investing in different markets from cryptocurrencies to forex markets.

4) Tablet Trading App Platform – If you use the tablet, there is also a trading app. The trading platform for the tablet has all the necessary features needed for trading. The app also offers excellent, 24/7 customer support.

5) Web Trader Platform – Web trader offered by AnalystQ makes trading easy. With the easy-to-use interface, new traders can easily start trading from the Web Trader, which is accessible from any device. To trade from a Web trader, the only thing that is needed is a stable internet connection.

Crypto Funding Basics:

One of the biggest advantages of AnalystQ is the leveraged crypto funding, which offers huge stability at a time when the cryptocurrency market is volatile. Crypto funding offers opportunities to make traders’ position better when you are buying the cryptocurrencies at a low rate when it has been sold out.

AnalystQ Reviews - Crypto Funding Basics

AnalystQ Reviews – Crypto Funding Basics

Margin and leveraged Loans:

The margin loan offered by AnalystQ is risk-free. The amount of the margin loan is secured against the trader’s securities, so there is a low risk of loss. Margin loan has no annual fee, setup fee, closeup fee, or non-use fee.

The broker also offers leveraged loans, which are beneficial for the traders who don’t have sufficient capital for trading. Leveraged loans help purchase stocks, stabilize balance sheets, and debit management.

Services that AnalystQ offers:

  • Dedicated Sales Trader – Trading is a risky business, and to make the process easy, AnalystQ offers the service of dedicated sales traders to its customers. The sales trader manages crypto-funding, sales, and market volatility. They are experienced, so they can offer profitable advice to the customers about their various products.
  • In-House Analyst – In-house analyst helps the traders in increasing the chance of profit. The analyst can make market forecasts and predict the market fluctuations, which are needed to make the profit. The well-experienced analyst is capable enough to boost the traders’ portfolio and increase their profit-making chances.
  • Personal Relationship Managers – We all know that starting trading without any knowledge can be a very risky business where a person can even lose his hard-earned money. In such a case, a trader must analyze and research the market condition. AnalystQ allows the traders to maximize the profit by analyzing the volatility in the market. The relationship managers are available via phone, email, chats, etc.


AanlystQ operates in over 170 countries, and the support team is happy to help its traders through a variety of modes. The multilingual support team is 24/7 available.

  • Email Support – A trader can reach out to the support team by writing an email to the Email address provided on the website. The support team offers its support promptly.
  • Whatsapp Support – Whatsapp has become one of the popular messaging apps, and AnalystQ provides its customer support through Whatsapp too. A trader having any sort of trouble can reach the support team through the WhatsApp number provided and clear their doubts regarding trading.
  • Telegram Support – Telegram has also become popular in the last few years. AnalystQ also provides its traders with the benefit of reaching their support team through Telegram.
  • Phone Support – The support team of AnalystQ is 24/7 available on the phone. One can call on the number and directly talk to the customer support representative.


A detailed Analystq review shows that AnalystQ is one of the most reliable brokers offering the trading platform, which is suitable for both seasoned and new traders. AnalystQ is an ideal broker for traders who want to take their trading seriously. With a variety of assets to trade and special tools, AnalystQ is a great broker to start trading on. AnalystQ also allows its traders to learn everything about trading through its webinars, trading courses, and experts’ trading insights.


1. Is there any inactivity fee, that charge by AnlaystQ?

Ans. AnlaystQ, which was founded in February 2020, has a user friendly interface which allows the traders to trade with ease. The broker certainly charges an inactivity fee of $36 from its users.

2. Which devices are compatible with the trading platform of AnalystQ?

Ans. AnalystQ is compatible with all kinds of devices like Android, Windows and iOS. The broker offers an iPhone trading app, Android trading app, Web trader platform and tablet trading platform so that users can trade easily with any available device.

3. How is the customer service of AnalystQ?

Ans. AnalystQ offers great customer support, and the support team is available all time to address the issues faced by the trading. A trader can reach the support team via WhatsApp, Email, Phone and Telegram. The support offers a quick resolution and immediate reply.